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The 3 Best Surveillance Drones for Sale Today 2017

 A surveillance drone is one of the many terms used to describe an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled safely from the ground. They are becoming more and more prominent in society, and will only continue to grow in popularity within the coming years. We’ve organized a list of advantages that this technological boom can do for your business and/or personal lifestyle.

Many surveillance drones for sale today are known for offering a variety of features, including:
  • High resolution photos and video, handling 1080 p and 4 k quality.
  • Some models can even fly for 25-30 minutes before recharging.
  • A great operating range – some even can go up to 20,000 meters.
Surveillance drones are also known for – you guessed it – surveillance!
  • Most common types are well-equipped to watch over your place of business, land, property, or otherwise.
  • With minimal practice, you can even fly your drone inside buildings, like warehouses and inner bridges.
  • Drones can be nearly undetectable, especially when using a dark model at night.
  • Much more efficient in terms of range, scope, and response time as opposed to human labor.
They are also well equipped for infrastructure management and maintenance:
  • As it is the case for many infrastructure projects require regular inspection to ensure everything is being built and secured appropriately.
  • Drone inspections are ten times faster than having someone do the inspection themselves.
  • Cranes, ladders, harnesses, and scaffolding will all be a thing of the past because of surveillance drones.

Investing in these drones, however, can be a little tricky. There are a lot of models available with all bells and whistles attached – their features are exciting, but it can make it difficult to decide which one to purchase. We’ve taken out the guesswork – our experts have hand-picked the 3 best surveillance drones for sale on the market today.

Here is a detailed list of the most recommended surveillance drones to help you in your endeavors:

1.DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

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The DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter comes from a company that has provided satisfaction for thousands of customers. It has features that can outshine other drones, like sports mode and gimbal stabilization. Here is a list of what features you can expect from DJI’s Phantom 4, and what complaints certified purchasers post on Amazon.com

Main Features

Weight: 8.8 pounds
Dimensions: 15 x 8.7 x 12.8 inches
Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries included in the package
Camera: 1/2.3”, 12.4M Effective Pixels
Flight Time: 28 Minutes
Flight Speed: 20 m/s Max Speed

Top Pros

Smartest DJI Drone Yet

This drone can identify certain objects or persons, and track them accordingly. While following the subject, the Phantom 4 can also avoid obstacles, like trees and buildings, while still maintaining a steady frame for your media. This makes it one of the easiest and most reliable drones for videography and picture taking, and is even boasted as one of the smartest camera drones DJI has created yet. 

Powerful Camera

The Phantom 4 comes equipped with one of the best cameras on the market, and is ready to capture 4k videos at 30 frames per second (check out the attached video above and see for yourself). It even comes equipped with fun features like slow motion, which allows for the production of creative and unique media footage. DJI coupled these impressive stats with a broad field-of-view lens; giving every pilot the ability to capture the cleanest and most crisp aerial footage of today.

Steady Stabilization – Even at 45 MPH

The Phantom 4 features a sports mode that lets you capture high speed moments with ease and finesse. It comes equipped with a 3 axis stabilization system that is sure to cancel out any unwanted movement and the dreaded jello effect, which is a common problem drone pilots face. Even at impressive speeds of 45 MPH, reviewers claim that the produced media is always top-notch.

28 Minutes Flight Time, and 3.1 Mile Range

The Phantom 4 boasts an impressive 28 minute flight time, but some reviewers claim it only lasts 20-23 minutes. Keep in mind that these numbers are heavily impacted by weather conditions and flying style. With that being said, we recommend picking up an extra battery with your purchase.

The range of 3.1 miles is one of the farthest I have reviewed thus far. Although, bare in mind this also can vary dramatically depending on conditions.

Possible Cons

This model comes with relatively steep price tag. Compared to its features however, the price can just be right for anyone willing to invest. If you’re in the drone game for more than hobbyist fun, I can guarantee entrepeneurs with the right mindset will make that money back ten fold.

The DJI company is known for releasing models that have certain bugs and problems. I have read some reviews claiming mid-air malfunctions. Luckily, customer service reviews are typically positive. Some pilots claim they were dealt a glitched drone, called DJI support, and received a new aircraft in a matter of days if they could provide the appropriate information ( IE: Flight log).

With that being said, user error can also be to blame when it comes to losing control. Remember to patiently practice before going on more advanced flights.


All in all, I firmly believe this is a drone that is worth every penny. The video speaks for itself – everything I have seen on Youtube.com is jaw dropping. For around $1,000 – along with helpful customer support and reimbursement, I recommend this model to beginner and advanced pilots alike.

Click here to purchase the DJI Phantom 4 from Amazon.com 


2.Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadcopter

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Cost: $

The drone is stable during flight, has a tough exo-skeleton, and most importantly can be upgraded to the pilot’s content. It is also worth mentioning that the stock Parrot 2.0 is the most affordable model we’ll review in this article. Look at this drone in detail below:

Main Features

Weight: 4 pounds
Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 5 inches
Battery: 2 1500maH Batteries included in the package
Camera: 720p HD Camera, front facing
Flight Time: 36 minutes

Top Pros

Lightweight yet Durable
The Parrot 2.0 comes with a sturdy frame that is made of fiber charged nylon plastic and carbon fiber tubes. These materials help to enhance the strength of the drone and make it stable in the air, even on a windy day. The stability is also maximized by the foam-coated engine that limits vibration during flight. Many reviewers claim that the Parrot 2.0 holds up well when it comes to wind, bumps, and crashes.

Perfect for Beginners
This drone can easily connect through WiFi and be controlled through any mobile device running on Android or IOS. The Absolute Piloting app makes piloting simple – you tilt your smartphone one way or another, and your drone obediently follows. Easy maneuvering and control provides newbies and professionals alike with a smooth ride.

Can be Heavily Customized

The Parrot AR 2.0 is a quadcopter that functions like any other drone, but comes with a fun array of modifications you can purchase and install. The manufacturer’s at Parrot have made it easy to swap stock accessories (like cameras and propellers) for better quality ones. This element of personification allows pilots to create a drone that suits their needs right down to its battery. You can add blinking LEDs for night flying, a flight recorder for stabilization, an upgraded battery for longer flight life, and extend your WiFi range just to name a few.

If you’re interested in some of my favorite Parrot 2.0 modifications, here is a link to an article I recently wrote about them.

Possible Cons

Although Parrot boasts about the 720p quality media the 2.0 produces, both the reviewers and I were not impressed. The footage captured almost always appeared grainy and pixelated, with the occasional second of kinda-high-quality clarity. With that being said, it does come with one of my favorite video features – the ability to live stream, real time, right to your smartphone or tablet. This capability has helped me capture stunning views and impressive aerial snapshots. Review the video above and decide for whether its camera can stand up to your needs.


The reviews vary from highly praised, to highly discouraged. Some certified buyers just didn’t have much luck with keeping this model in the air. One gentleman even claimed that he crashed 3 separate 2.0s, 3 separate times. I’m always hesitant to take their entire word for it, as sometimes, malfunctions can actually be human error.

The range for this drone is poor because of its weak WiFi capabilities, which according to reviewers, only stretch to around 35 meters.

The quality of video produced by the Parrot 2.0 is mediocre. If you don’t need crisp, quality media, than this drone might be exactly what works for you. I could see it being benificial for surveying land, bridges, homes, and for surveillance. But, with that being said, I would never recommend it to a professional photographer/videographer.

The verdict may seem harsh so far, but I intend to remind all of my readers that the Parrot 2.0 is highly customizable. Consequently, features like video quality, transmission range, battery, and even propellers can be upgraded to the pilot’s liking. So, now it really depends on preference – do you want a drone that is professional right out of the box, or a drone you can customize with upgraded equipment?

I’ll leave it to the reader’s to decide. Do you think a customized Parrot 2.0 is worth it? Comment below.

Click Here to Purchase the Parrot 2.0 from Amazon.com

3.Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter 

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Cost: $$

The Traxxas model may look like a toy, but functions better than many of the other drones on the market. It is known for impressive speeds of 50+ MPH ( fastest I’ve reviewed thus far), air brakes, a return-home feature, and a really tough composite frame. Below is a detailed breakdown on what to expect after purchase.

Main Features

Weight: 1.7 pounds
Dimensions: 18.6 x 18.6 x 3.7 inches
Battery: 5000 maH LiPo Battery
Flight Time: 20 minutes
Compatible Cameras: GoPro and other Action Cameras

Top Pros

Status Indicator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Traxxas status bar informs you when its ready to take off. When all 4 LED bars are brightly lit, you then know you are clear for take off. This lessens the chance of pilot error and the hassle of referring to complicated instructions.

Sports Mode
Using this function,  a pilot can easily reach 50+ MPH! You can couple its impressive speed with aerial maneuvers with the press of a button. This allows for a different and more exciting level of fun/ piloting practice. Remember, if things get out of hand, this model can return home and air brake at the flick of a switch.

Axis Gimbals for Stunning Footage
The Traxxas provides its owner with incredible stability thanks to its 2 axis gimbal. This device actually absorbs all movement, thus providing the videography with a clean and crisp quality product.

Perfect for Experts and Beginners
Its features can make experts and beginners stare in admiration. Despite its toy-like appearance, it is still an effective drone for capturing moments you don’t want to miss. You can easily maneuver it and even allows you to customize its flight options through a flight app link that you can download on your smartphone.

Possible Cons

The only real disadvantage to buying the Traxxas is its lack of camera. Don’t be mistaken, it is compatible with GoPro and other action cameras, but sadly, it does not come stock with one.


This model is reasonably priced and loaded with features. You can shoot professional media, do a variety of stunts, or detach the gimbal and go really (really) fast. This was one of my favorites to review, and believe the guests of this website would appreciate the quality it possesses.

As I’ve mentioned, it does not come with a camera. However, it does come with  professional 2-axis gimbal that create very smooth, quality media once a camera, like the GoPros found here, is attached.

All in all, as a drone enthusiast, I would recommend this quadcopter to anyone.

Click Here to Purchase the Traxxon Atton Plus on Amazon.com

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