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Best Quadcopter for Beginners -The Syma X5C-1 Overview

 Voted Best Quadcopter for Beginners


The Syma X5C-1

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Syma is a name that has gained a great reputation within the UAV community. They are known for producing quality models that aren’t jacked up in price, and the Syma X5C-1 is no different. This model has been recommended as the best quadcopter for beginners because of its features – like its ability to withstand rookie mistakes because of its propeller guards and plethora of buy-able parts online.

There is also an, eh-ok, camera on board that allows for inspired aerial enthusiasts to give it a whirl for their first time. Of course this isn’t a high-brand Yuneec or DJI model – but regardless – the beginner’s bang for your buck is well worth it.

Before I babble…

Let’s look at this models specifications:

Cost: $


  • Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 80mm (with prop guards)
  • Motor size: 7 x 20mm coreless
  • Weight: 103g (with battery/ prop guards)
  • Flight time: 6 to 8 minutes (without prop guards)
  • Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li Po
  • Charging time: 40-45 minutes
  • Control distance: approximately 50m
  • Transmitter power: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

Top Pros:

Tough and smart design for rookie pilots

The first surprise with this model is that it is tougher than it looks. It comes equipped with guard blades that protect your propellers in case of a crash. By all accounts, this model is known for being able to withstand pressure and beating (to an extent). This feature makes this quadcopter the best beginner’s, because we all crash once or twice.

So, instead of destroying something like the DJI Inspire 1 or the Yuneec Typhoon on your first go, it is recommended that you cut your teeth on something like this.

And if you do crash, the Syma company has made every part available for purchase, and each comes with a printed diagram with instructions on how to replace it. This is extremely valuable – as some drone parts can be hard to find depending on the model. Check out Syma’s website and see for yourself.

Continuing, Syma is aware that disorientation, especially amongst new pilots, can be an issue. They did their best to resolve this issue by adding bright LED lights to its undercarriage. They are perfect for flying at night, you’ll be able to spot the dancing hustle of lime green and bright orange lights meters above you. But – with that being said- many state it does little to nothing for their flight awareness during the day as Syma has claimed. These lights also, sadly, cannot be turned off to save battery power.

Great starter for aerial photography

The other nice surprise is that this model also has a fairly decent camera on board. It can capture footage that I would rate as relatively sharp especially when compared to the price. Of course, you won’t produce media like what the DJI Phantom 4 can, because it lacks professional accessories like a gimbal, but it is a building block toward practicing and learning.

Using this as your starter base, you’ll eventually move on to higher end models.

Easy-to-pilot and RTF

The beginner’s quadcopter is easy-to-pilot according to most reviews. Its transmitter comes equipped with a small LCD screen that details statistics like battery life, throttle level, and much more. With all your statistics at your finger tips, Syma makes it possible to stay safe and aware at all times during flight.

Another big beginner’s plus is that the model comes well-equipped and ready to fly right from the box. Twist on your propellers and don’t forget to purchase 2 AA batteries for your transmitter, and you’ll be in the sky in no time.

Bottom Line

There will be a point where this model won’t do everything that you want it to do, which is a red flag that it is time to upgrade to a more advanced, more capable one.Until that moment comes, this drone really is the best quadcopter for beginners. Although I did not start with this model, a number of my friends have gained confidence learning on the Syma x5c-1.

It flies like a dream, it captures eh-ok video, and it even comes with fancy LED lights to help your awareness at night. It’s a starter model at its finest, I’ve left a link below if you’re interested in purchasing it.

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