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We Have Found the Best Quadcopter for GoPro 2017


We recommend this quadcopter for GoPro use – you can see why in the video above.

General Overview

For those who aren’t familiar with Phantom 2, it’s a quad-rotor UAV aircraft that serve as a platform for capturing shots from the sky using GoPro HERO action camera.

Due to the complexity associated with multi-rotor aircraft, in Phantom 2 version 2.0, the flight relies on a GPS navigation and sensor gimbal, compass as well as other information that help in maintaining the flight stability. Fully manual operation is also possible which is unlocked using the Assistant Software. Many users, especially by videographers to get the smoothest shoots possible, tend to select GPS or GPS Attitude flight mode. We will go into detail about these further on.

DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Upgrades 

The DJI Phantom 2 v2.0 features a significant number of notable hardware changes over the previous Phantom 2 model:

  • It includes more efficient motors, props, and ESC (electronic speed control, which is responsible for your speed and braking)
  • An upgrade to the transmitter, and includes gimbal control (which will help nail the perfect GoPro produced media)
  • The props are redesigned for self-tightening, which aids in general set-up
  • The smart battery lasts up to 25 minutes, and a rechargeable battery in the controller itself

Firmware Upgrade 

With every new model, comes new firmware. This model of the Phantom 2 comes pr-equipped to battle the first model’s shortcomings. This included correcting problems like:

  •  Bouncing after landing
  •  Reduced maximum descending speed
  •  Optimized compass recaliberation
  •  Improved battery level detection

Better Camera Support

A significant change of DJI Phantom 2 v2.0 from its predecessor is the thing that is supporting the camera. The camera of the original version was on an anti-vibration platform, and it’s stabilized only at the tilt axis as well as the tilting range, especially during flight, which is a remote controlled through a mobile application. The best advantages to DJI’s new system are:

  • This version consists of three-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera in pitch, roll and yaw directions which keep the video appearing smooth, particularly with sudden movement.
  • Its camera can do up to 90-degree tilt which allows you to shoot straight ahead, straight down or anywhere in between.
  • The Zeus Gimbal is designed specifically for the Phantom line

This version of the Phantom, along with Zeus Gimbal, are created to stabilize and aid your production of aerial photography using a GoPro. One of my favorite models, the GoPro 3+, is professional grade and can capture media up to 30 frames per second in an incredible field of view.

Below is proof of what the GoPro 3+ and DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 are capable of producing given the right talent and equipment:

Thank you Meli for the beautiful video

Best Key Features

Requires Minimal Assembly (excluding the Zeus Gimbal attaching)
Those people who used the previous version of RC aircraft will appreciate that DJI Phantom 2 v2.0 requires basic assembly, mainly using a screwdriver and a wrench.

What is required? Not much really…

You will need to attach the skids, rotors, and other small parts. However, once assembled, ensure you follow all the calibration procedures to make sure the GPS auto-pilot system is operating well before you fly.

Here is a video explaining how to appropriately caliberate your model:

Thanks to Rippit from Youtube.com for the great video above.

Includes a Radio Control or Transmitter
It also features an updated 2.4 GHz WI-Fi, 6-channel transmitter which consists a dual joystick control that is relatively similar to those found on other multi-rotor RC aircraft transmitter. The dual joysticks are usually configured in “Mode 2”, which is the most famous and preferred mode in U.S. It should be used as so:

The left stick is used to control yaw (primarily rotation) and throttle (up/down), while the right stick controls cyclic motion. There is a switch on the right top that allows you to select between the GPS and Attitude flight modes, which I will go into next.

Two Very Helpful Modes of Flight
In DJI Phantom 2 v2.0, it contains two GPS-assisted mode of flight which you can select:

  • GPS mode is the most automatic where the quadcopter will stop once you release the controls, and it’ll hover at a fixed vertical and horizontal position. This setting is typically preferred for video shooting because the quadcopter won’t sway or even drift due to wind gusts.
  •  GPS Attitude Mode, or simply the Attitude Mode, tends to be a more manual flying mode where the drone doesn’t try or maintain a fixed position. Once you release the controls, it’ll continue drifting unless you stop it or friction slows it down.

LED Status Indicators Provide Battery Life Indicator

The DJI Phantom have a slot-in Battery containing LED Status indicators. 5200 mAh slots for battery into the tail of the drone and allows up to 25 minutes of flight time. It also features on/off as well as four LED charge indicators. The signs are visible while flying to allow you keep track of the remaining time of flight. For balance, recharging and power control is always handled internally with the battery.

Possible Cons: 

  • The steps of calibration may be frustrating, that is why we added a video for you to watch that will ensure your success.
  • Although it is a wonderful camera drone to have if you own a GoPro, live streaming capabilities are not possible when using one.
  • The gimbal is needed to ensure the smoothest, most professionally produced footage. It does not come attached, which will add time to your set-up process. Luckily, the process is relatively painless.

Here is a video to help guide you in the attachment process:

Thank you MicBergsma for letting us use this very helpful and informative video.


Overall, for any growing photographer, I’d recommend this bundle package hands down. The price is right in line with the quality and features you can expect from this supped up DJI Phantom 2.

To purchase the DJI Phantom 2 2.0/ Zeus Gimbal bundle, click here.

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