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Beginner’s Tips

RC Helicopter Reviews

The Ultimate Guide of RC Helicopter Reviews Regardless of your gender, race or age, operating a RC helicopter can be a great source of entertainment that provides an enjoyable and exhilarating experience for adults, as well as a brilliant learning curve for children. Nonetheless settling on the ideal RC Helicopter …

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FAQ About Drones

1. How do I control a drone? Via Remote Control The remote has buttons and control sticks that you use to operate the drone. Most I have seen are shaped like an X Box controller, and have been reviewed as easy to operate with minor practice. Some remotes also come equipped …

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How-To Care For Your Quadcopter’s Battery

Lithium polymer batteries have many benefits that have made them the preferred source of power in consumer drones. They feature high electrical energy density in relation to their overall size and weight, and their 3.7V voltage per cell rating means they provide the necessary power using fewer cells if compared …

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