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A Side by Side of the Best Commercial Drones For Sale In The Market -2017 Edition

Drones started out as military aid, then became hobby gadgets – and now, they have numerous commercial applications like:

  • photography
  • video production
  • surveillance
  •  package delivery

So, when it comes to your business and/or passion, you’ll need something reliable and fit for its use. Everyone has their own reasons for buying one of these puppies. For example, if your an aerial photographer, your focus will be on snapping live quality images with a steady, maneuverable drone. It is to be assumed you’d want something with a professional gimbal, too. But if you’re looking to survey large areas of land, you’ll focus on drones capable of long flight duration and maximum control range. This goes for the farmer’s and environmental resource surveyors.

They all have their own place somewhere, and we’re here to present 2 of the most recommended drones to you and all my other pilots. We have taken out the guess work and presented you, in an organized fashion, each reviewed models top advantages and possible cons. These models have been chosen based on average customer reviews, bang for your buck, and overall features.

Continue reading and decide which fits your needs:

1. The Yuneec Typhoon H UHD Collision Avoidance Drone

Thank you Tan Nguyen for the stunning aerial footage.

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This drone makes it to this list for being highly rated. The Yuneec Typhoon H UHD Collision Avoidance drone is one of the few award-winning commercial drones for sale on the market today. The drone is the current (2016) winner of the Consumer Electronics Show; Best of Class. The drone is described as a high-end commercial drone with a consumer price. Let’s look at its detailed specifications below:

Cost: $$$

Main features:

· Video features: Stunning 4K Ultra HD video.

· Camera/Picture features: CGO3+ 4K, 12MP camera.

· Screen: 7-inch Android touchscreen.

· Flight features: The Yuneec Typhoon H UHD is built to avoid collisions. Features ultrasonic collision prevention. The Typhoon H UHD also has GPS stabilized flight control, 8-smart flight modes, automatic return-to-home feature, automatic takeoff/landing and a retractable landing gear (for unmatched 360-degree filming) just to mention a few outstanding flight features.

· Dimensions: Measures 21.2 by 17 by 12.5 inches in length, width, and height respectively.

· Weight: Weighs 12 pounds.

Top pros:
commercial drones for sale

a. Takes stunning videos and pictures with Team Mode

Numerous customer reviews rave about the Typhoon H UHD media quality. The drone has a 360-degree gimbal camera that takes breathtaking 12 MP pictures and Ultra HD 4K videos. You can capture the highest quality aerial pictures and videos for commercial use at any angle – and can even get a helping hand from your buddy.

Yes, Yuneec has developed a feature named Team Mode. When active, one person can pilot the aircraft while the other adjusts the camera and takes pictures. It is the perfect combination, as each member of the team can focus solely on just one action. This leads to professional results that would be hard to achieve by yourself.

b. User friendly

Despite being a high-end professional drone, the Typhoon H UHD is easy to use. It has notable user-friendly features like automatic takeoff and landing, and predetermined flight paths.

Maneuvers that would take time, practice, and patience are now more accessible by novice pilots because of journey mode, point of interest mode, and orbit mode. Each one has its own exciting features – for instance, journey mode makes the drone take off into the air and snaps a picture of you (the ultimate selfie). Orbit me mode – well – makes the drone orbit you in a wide angle. Lastly, point of interest mode makes the drone orbit around any object of your choosing.

But – hands down- one of the best features it has is ultrasonic proximity detection, which allows for easy obstacle avoidance made possible by smart sonar sensors. It will stop short of trees, brush, rocks, houses, windows – you name it and it can avoid it. With features like these, DJI doesn’t stand a chance.

And the cherry on the cake: the drone is also easy to assemble.

Possible cons:

According to most people who have bought the Typhoon H UHD, the drone stands out in every aspect. Although, with every piece of equipment comes flaws, like the Typhoon H’s battery charge time.

The drones battery charge time is reported to take a surprising 2+ hours to run for 24 minutes. From one enthusiast to another, I would recommend purchasing 1 or 2 other batteries. You can then really appreciate a good, long flight.

Other than minor gripes and some pilot-error driven crashes, the reviews are overall positive.

In my personal opinion, the Typhoon H UHD is easily one of the best commercial drones available today in regards to value for money. I added an Amazon.com link below:

Buy the Yuneec Here On Amazon.com

2. DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter 

Thanks to Any Copter, we all get to enjoy this video.

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Watch out, rookies – this model is for the commercial entrepreneur. All jokes aside, DJI claims the Inspire 1 is built for the use of professionals, but is easy to pilot as the Phantom 2. A good example of this is DJI’s fine job of creating a detachable gimbal. This is ideal for traveling to reduce its overall size, and if you plan on upgrading these parts. It comes equipped to please with fancy features like a carbon fiber landing gear and a plethora of firmware features. Let’s look into its specifications:

Cost: $$$$

Main features

· Camera features: Gimbal camera 360 view camera

· Video features: 4K video

· Picture features: 12 MP

· Controller features: Comes with one controller.

· Stability features: 6-axis gyro & accelerometer which work alongside each other in an IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit).

· Speed: 50 miles per hour.

· Maximum flight altitude: 4500 meters

· Construction: Made of strong carbon fiber arms which retract giving a full unrestricted view

· Accessories: Comes with a complete aerial filmmaking tool. Add a screen or mobile device for live high-definition view. Also comes with an extra battery, manuals, intelligent flight battery, 16 GB SD card, remote controller charging cable and a carrying case.

· Dimensions: Measures 20 by 15 by 15 inches in length, width, and height respectively

· Weight: Weighs 6.5 Pounds

Top pros

a. Comes ready to fly

The Inspire 1 stands out because of many reasons one of the most notable being that the drone comes ready to fly. To begin, all you must do is charge its battery and twist on its propellers. Many other high-end models require time, patience, and tools when beginning initial setup. I’ve reviewed some even taking up to 4 hours of labor if you are not very knowledgeable about your model.

Like they said – professional use with the same Phantom 2 ease.

b) DJI wasn’t lying

When DJI said this model would fly just as smooth as the Phantom 3, I was skeptical. There is a noticeable difference in each one’s weight – as the Inpsire 1 weighs around double that of the Phantom 3. But – like a big, futuristic model of its little brother – it maintains a quick response time and a steadiness in the air. Along with creating ease for every pilot, DJI has also equipped the Inpsire 1 with an advanced GPS system that is in charge of keeping your drone safe.

Even with its ease in functionality, remember that piloting errors are common and can be catastrophic. If you’re a new drone pilot, we recommend cutting your teeth on something a little less expensive.

c. Has a rich combination of quality camera and gimbal

This beautiful design comes well-equipped with a gimbal that can actually rotate 360 degrees, fully, all while holding a small yet powerful 4k camera. As I’ve previously mentioned, you’ll never have to worry about filming the corner of your landing gear again – the Inspire 1 swiftly morphs into a flat-bottomed model. This allows for a full 360 degree camera rotation, which means higher quality media that doesn’t need as much editing.

Similar models require the purchase of such costly add-ons. I’m happy to see that DJI saved plenty of pilots the hassle and headache of dealing with upgrades and additional purchases. Next time, put some lasers in it.

d. Great design

The Inspire 1 is also highly rated for its superior design. According to many reviews, the drone is built to last. Its carbon fiber arms attest to this. Its body is something completely different than most drones available today. As you can see, it does not follow the typical X quadcopter platform, but maintains more of an elongated and sleek design. It’s like something from a modern terminator movie without the lasers.

In all honesty, it looks badass and I wanna play with it.

Not only is it a peach to look at, but you will never have to worry about the landing gear getting caught in your shots because of the motion of its arms. It follows a more streamline H type body, and uses its arms to raise/lower the props.

Possible cons:

Apart from some customers feeling the drone is a bit costly, it receives good praise – but there are a few concerns worth mentioning:

DJI is known for their terrible customer support, and support for this product seems to be no different. Luckily, they will, with the appropriate information, usually ship you out another model if you are dealt a faulty one, but even this is said to take as long as 4-6 weeks. This is long time for your business to be on standby.

This drone also has the an interesting feature that restricts you from flying near airports and no-fly zones. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, but more a safety mechanism to avoid any kind of incidents. But fear not, if your backyard is right next to an airport, there are steps you can take to ensure you’ll be allowed to fly in that zone.

Buy The DJI Inspire 1 Here On Amazon.com


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