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How-To Monetize Your Drone Today 2017

Last Updated: 1/1/2017

The multirotor technology known as drones has advanced very rapidly in the last 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. They are being flown all around the world by business men, soldiers, and hobbyists alike. Search and rescue missions, surveying, surveillance, and agriculture sectors are all benefiting from this technological advancement.

By 2025, it is estimated that the drone industry will be worth an all-time high of 90 billion dollars. Full-grown corporations, entrepreneurs, realtors, photographers, film makers, surveyors, police men, farmers – the list goes on an on- will all benefit from this exponential growth. Whether you agree with this movement or not, these staggering statistics prove that the drone business is the business to be in. Let me elaborate and help get your creative juices flowing.

You see, growing popularity equals higher demand; aerial photography is booming, drone repairmen are needed, and pilot lessons are being sought after -these are just a few quick examples of just how easy it really is to make good money using a drone. I’ve added a detailed list below that entrepreneurs and creative thinkers will enjoy:


Film and Media

7 major film companies requested that the FAA allow them to use drones in their movie work, which was approved and started a still-growing trend. [1] This movement opened the eyes of artists, producers, and directors alike – aerial views, chase scenes, and over-the-top professional vantage points were now more possible than ever. Quadcopters, like the ones reviewed here, have been used in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street – as shown below :

Did you catch it? Drone aerial videography of the beach and beautiful home is shown during the first few seconds of the clip. Producing footage like this was time consuming and costly, but now can be mapped using models like the DJI Mavic Pro and Yuneec Typhoon H. This is something that professional pilots, with the proper knowledge and training, can capitalize on.

Practice flying, shooting film, taking pictures, daring cinematic follow-me’s, and everything else your artistic mind can come up with. Keep your best work organized in a professional portfolio and add it to your resume – this will be sure to help you secure employment from movie companies and directors. Most importantly, stay motivated and driven to succeed. All goals are obtainable with the appropriate mindset.

Survey Infrastructure

Surveying large pieces of construction – like bridges – take employment of knowledgeable workers and the use of scaffolds, ladders, and/or harnesses. This requires extensive set-up and investment in order to ensure faults, like cracks and defects, are found and fixed appropriately. These costs can be dramatically reduced by the use of commercial drones equipped with cameras and sensors. Although this idea is still in testing, two assistant professors from the Tuft University in Massachusetts have begun paving its way. Here is a small summary of the article written by newsatlas.com:

Using sensors placed on a bridge in the university, the assistant professors made it possible to see where stress (that can cause destruction) was most prevalent. This is the beginning of a much larger scale operation that would be used on car-carrying bridges. In the future, programmed drones will fly to each sensor, wirelessly receive data, and also take pictures/video of each section of the bridge. The collected information would then be analyzed and compared to previous data in order to detect which spots could be faulty or in need of repair. [2]

In conclusion, this is just one way drones could survey infrastructures and buildings. Make yourself known in the construction community via e-mail or phone call and what you can help with. Getting your name and profession out to the public is the first building block of creating a successful business.

What other ways have you heard of, or think might become prevalent in the future? Can drone pilots, like ourselves, capitalize on them? Comment below.

Environmental Conservation

Drones now come equipped with many features that make environmental mapping and research much easier. For example, a pilot can pre-determine his model’s flight path, which makes mapping hazardous terrain a breeze when compared to hiring human labor. A drone can report back with its findings – like contamination levels and  general assessment.

Continuing, endangered mountain gorillas and African elephants are being poached into the face of nonexistence – quadcopters are now being deployed, thanks to organizations like Conservation Drones, in these areas to curve harmful acts like poaching and other crimes.

These are just two examples; drones can preform a wide variety of environmental tasks like forest mapping, storm damage assessment, and flock counting just to name a few more. Its a technological trend that is building popularity in many sectors of society.

Pilots like you and I can take advantage of these new-found areas of business and begin working with environmental conservation experts. Be creative and market yourself, and your drone as an asset to companies that are interested in these kinds of tasks.

Drone Delivery

Drones are capable of delivery goods to consumers, as shown by Amazon on December 14th, 2016. According to sources, Amazon has begun using self-propelled drones, programmed with specific flight paths, to deliver whatever their costumer purchased in a matter of minutes. Of course, these are only test trials, and are granted OK by the British government. With that being said, we won’t be seeing this type of engagement in the United States just yet – but regardless, it is the start of something major. Other major companies, like Domino’s, are following suit.

In the future, advancements in drone technology more accessible than ever before. Collision avoidance software and mind-blowing, pre-programmed flight paths will make drone doorstep delivery the most reasonable method of mailing goods/gifts/groceries/etc. Like a bike delivery service, I can picture my Yuneec Typhoon gliding, with full awareness and caution, down the street to drop off a package 10 blocks down.

Is that something you think would be possible in the future?

Crop Care 

In order to achieve appropriate care for crops, like corn and wheat, it requires knowledge and analysis. This kind of hand-tending is not possible in large crops that span for miles – thus, each one is sprayed with an unnatural amount of pesticides and chemicals. If drones were to function as crop caregivers, they could assess areas in small amounts and determining which plants need what. This method would lead to less spending on farmer product.

A good example is of a farmer with a large field of grapes, he used an autonomous drone and programmed a flight path that provided him with a FPV of which vines were ready to be picked, and which were not. This saved him hours and hours of self examination.

Eventually, designer drones will be equipped with thermal, hyperspectral, and multispectral sensors that can determine which areas are dehydrated, infected, and in need of improvement. Can you think of any other methods of drone crop care? Comment below and engage me.


Drones can fly in many locations, and even on predestined flight paths that can capture stunning photography and film. The use of drones at venues, festivals, concerts, sports games, and other activities has caught the eye of major companies. Your media could be worth lots to them, especially if you manage to get that perfect, you-can’t-say-no-to-this-angle viewpoint. With your permission, they could use your footage in commercials and advertisements.

Drones can also advertise for realtors. They do this by presenting their market with orbiting views of the property. This details all the fine aspects of the home from a unique view buyers typically don’t get to enjoy. Here is an example of a realtor’s captured drone footage below:

Offer Courses

People like Chris Newman, with 7 years of dedicated drone piloting and practice, make money teaching people how to fly these propelled machines. If Chris can benefit, and give benefit from teaching others online, then you can too.

Get yourself well acquainted with drones of many varieties, fly and practice often, and eventually others might want to know how you became such an advanced pilot. Create a course-based following with this information, and market yourself by showing others your most impressive work. It’s a business that is going, and will keep growing into the future. Capitalize on it if aerial photography is your passion.


It is a fact that choosing the best remote controlled helicopter is good idea, but it is also a fact that going for one that fits your needs is great idea and is very important. Keeping this guide in mind will when choosing your RC helicopter will go a long way in helping you choose a device that is not only good but also suitable for your needs.


[2] http://newatlas.com/drone-sensors-bridge-inspection/33420/

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