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How Personal Drones Will Affect Our Future

Last Updated: 12/27/2016

Initially, the first drone was designed for surveillance purposes. It was used by the CIA to monitor Afghanistan in the hopes of capturing Osama Bin Laden (Yay for anti-terrorism!). Nonetheless, with the heightened evolution of technology, drones are becoming the next household tech.

Nowadays, the common man can actually own and operate a drone legally, as long as you follow the FAA’s rather relaxed guidelines. It’s an aviation enthusiasts exciting hobby, an up and coming drone racers new career, an aerial photographers big break, and a movie producer’s best friend. Drones are propelling upward and show no signs of stopping – so that makes me wonder… How will personal drones affect our future?

1. Virtual Assistance

Many people are aware of Siri, the iOS-based virtual assistant that follows voice commands. Siri is just a voice, but not for much longer. Large companies like Apple and Microsoft are investing in – you guessed it – robotics, tailored to aiding and serving humans. Inventions like the Roomba, Jibo, and Robomower are laying the foundation for bigger, better, and more futuristic models. Consequently, it’s only logical that drones follow suit.

Within years, we will see more firmware that is specifically catered to the human experience. They’ll take a ”selfie” for you while boiling your coffee and ironing your shirt. Small personal drones hovering shoulder-height beside you doesn’t sound so crazy after all. In the future, they’ll be able to tell you how cold it is outside and fetch you your favorite winter coat.

With progression, drones will be our personal servants, savvy alarm clocks, security systems, and family friends – all under the same interface and model.

2.Photography/Videographycommercial drones for sale

Photography and aerial video are the top use for personal drones, and you can see why above. If you love spectacular media, crisp videography, and unforgettable still shots – flying drones is something you should look into.This technological trend has blossomed into an entirely new art. Artists can now capture videos from once impossible heights and angles. Drone pilots with the proper talent can showcase property, people, and landscapes like never before.With exciting features like follow me, 360-degree video coverage, lock-on, and cable cam – the opportunity for aerial expressionism is unhindered.


3. Property Surveillance

If you own property that is prone to theft, you can utilize your drone as a security monitor. Everyday CCTVs are reliable to a degree, but a drone is much more efficient in surveying large areas of property. Every nook, cranny, entrance, and window can be closely guarded by one single drone, as opposed to maintaining 7 or 8 security cameras. The pilot/ security guard can see through the drone’s eye in real-time with live stream capabilities, while still being fully aware of his surroundings and signs of intrusion.

With that being said, I wonder how drone security will evolve, and what sectors it will affect?


4. Drone Delivery

In the near future, gift giving will be simplified by a drone delivery service. Valentine’s day roses, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving turkeys, and everything else you can imagine will be propelled to your doorstep.
Sound far fetched? Look at Amazon’s upcoming feature called Prime Air.

According to Amazon.com, their developing a service that will deliver packages, weighing up to 5 pounds, right to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. These drones will literally propel themselves to your address using sophisticated “sense and avoid” technology.[1]

Check out this video below:


5. Farming Assistance

In the near future, drones will be your everyday farmer’s best friend.
These devices will be able to fertilize crops with efficiency. They will come equipped with nutrients, and be able to disperse it based on plant and land requirements. Another drone, only meters away, is busy scanning back and forth. It is in search of infestation and rot. If any areas are questionable, the drone will be able to handle the situation, quickly and efficiently, with the proper chemicals or solution.

Within years, systems like the one above will help eradicate human error. Crops will be fuller, healthier, and more abundant than ever, and the UAV empire scores again.

6. Weather Experts

Drones, equipped with sophisticated sensors, can judge air quality, humidity, chance of precipitation, and scan for toxic spores.

Sounds too high-tech to be true?

Then you’ll be surprised to know that drones are already being flown into the atmosphere for those very reasons. Their highly programmed systems relay data to radar towers. You see, if natural disasters or severe storms seem imminent, these metal weathermen can actually alert authorities before they strike.

On the lighter hand, you can send your personal drone outside before beginning your day. It can analyze data like chance of rain, temperatures, and UV index. It then propels itself back inside to recommend sunscreen and a light jacket.

Let’s face it – the drones are here to stay. Within the next few years, they’ll be prominent AI figures in our reality. Let’s embrace it and see where, and how far it’ll go. If you intend to jump on the bandwagon, make sure to insure your drone against damages. The insurance company will cover the damages if the drone crashes on your property or within an error that doesn’t violate FAA regulations.

Which brings me to my next point, always remember to follow the FAA drone regulations and rules. Make it your intention to be safe, smart, and aware while piloting any UAV. These are heavy duty machines that produce heavy duty action – never put yourself or others at risk of injury. I know the FAA articles can be hard to understand, so we’ve written FAA Rules and Regulations for Dummies. Check it out.



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